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Monster Energy® Faces Lawsuit over Teenager's Death

Last year, the family of a fourteen year-old girl filed a lawsuit against Monster Energy® beverages because she went into cardiac arrest after drinking two 24 ounce Monster drinks within a day. Monster is now fighting back, saying that a blood test was not performed to make sure that the girl actually died of caffeine toxicity. The medical examiner had concluded that caffeine was the cause of her death when her mother informed the office that she had drunken two of the energy beverages before she died.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating other deaths that are supposedly related to Monster, about five in all. The attorney for the girl's family says that the fact that the young lady went into cardiac arrest soon after drinking the Monster is evidence enough of the drink's effect. Monster currently has labels that say the drinks are not for pregnant women or children, but do not clearly define children. The attorney says that their marketing campaign is specifically geared toward younger people, so the word "children" is misleading to many.

Monster says that it officially targets persons 18-34, but also maintains that the drink is safe for children, having less caffeine than a 16 ounce Starbucks coffee. The beverage company, who has enjoyed huge popularity in recent years, says that it will now begin to put caffeine levels on the can.

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