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Does Rain Increase the Chance of a Car Accident?

Washington is a rainy state, and there is often drizzle or rain falling from the sky. As a result, the possibility of an accident skyrockets. This is because when it is raining, there is diminished visibility. AS a result drivers cannot see as far down the road, and may not be aware of slowing traffic up ahead. Fog can make headlights ineffective, making it difficult for an individual to see ahead or for approaching cars to see those coming the other direction.

Also, when it rains hard the water on the windshield can often blur the view outside of the car. It is very important to invest in well-working windshield wipers and to make sure that you have windshield solvent in the appropriate container to wash any dirt or salt form windshields when this is needed. If visibility is very bad, drivers would do well to pull off the road and wait for the weather to improve before continuing.

In addition, rain facilitates diminished traction. This means that the roads can become dangerously slippery and can cause it to be hard to brake suddenly. Cars that slam on their brakes to avoid an accident may skate or slide across the road anyway and still become involved in a collision. Drivers should adjust their speed during the roan to make sure that they can slow to a stop when it is needed.

Also, when it is raining be sure to keep a wide distance between you and others as this will help to give you room should there be a sudden stop up ahead. Oftentimes when it rains there are also strong winds. These can be dangerous, as they will blow a person off course. Combined with poor traction, cars can go sliding. If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, then you need to contact a Seattle personal injury attorney at Law Offices of J.D. Smith, PLLC today!