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Defective Products in Seattle's Ports

Exploding shipping containers have popped up – literally – in western Washington's ports.

This issue is said to be the result of contaminated refrigerators that are commonly referred to as "reefers" in the field. According to theories, the refrigerated units/containers have been contaminated by a coolant that is explosive when exposed to certain substances. Among these substances are oil and air; two things very difficult to avoid when onboard a ship or docked at a port harbor.

While officials are continuing to work out just what is going on with this unusual occurrence, an exact problem and solution have yet to be identified. Even more troubling is the fact that all port workers in Washington are still reporting to work each day, subjecting themselves to the potentially hazardous materials being shipped in from Vietnam.

Reports from the trade industry indicate that two workers have already been killed in Brazil and Vietnam as a result of the explosive containers. The U.S. has yet to report of any injuries, but it can only be a matter of time before the dangers of these reefers reach our homeland.

The explosiveness of this issue is dully recognized by the Seattle personal injury team at Law Offices of J.D. Smith, PLLC. Until the matter is effectively resolved any number of injuries or wrongful death cases could pop up. It is the firm's greatest wish that no one be harmed as a result of the liable product being shipped to our country, but should the need arise our team is available to help.